Understanding Gardens

The Pros of Gardening on Our Health

Gardening is important in improving our mental and physical health. Spending some time in the garden is therefore important regardless of its location, size and type of activities that you are doing. Below are some advantages of gardening on health.

The first gardening benefit is that is can be able to boost our self-esteem. Low self-esteem has symptoms that can create lasting impacts on our physical health. Gardening at least once in a week can, therefore, help us acknowledge our efforts and achievements and help boost our esteem. While gardening you have a purpose of creating something beautiful from an empty space and therefore this alone can make our esteems higher.

The other benefit of gardening is that it can help us alleviate stress levels by hindering the production of the cortisol hormone. Gardening has the ability of reducing the production level of the stress-causing hormone in the body. Scientific research shows that such simple activities like gardening can, therefore, help you reduce your chances of contacting some health diseases like obesity as well as other health issues. Click here to learn more about cortisol hormone.

The third benefit of gardening is that it improves our physical health. As we get old, our physical strength is also reducing down. Apart from reduction of our strengths our dexterity also goes down thus limiting us on a number of activities that we can do. Whether done for pleasure or as a hobby gardening helps us build our muscles, ligaments and other parts of our hands thus making the whole body vigorous. Gardening programs have been introduced in the rehabilitation and wellness centers for the treatment of stroke and heart diseases. You should not, however, overdo gardening activities or take wrong postures as this may be risky for your health.

Besides another benefit of gardening is that it can reduce the risks of dementia by 36{32e9f6850226ddeae475111f9d4a36d0aee80f911ceb4b63ffa54c51a5f24b8d}. According to research, gardening reduces the risks of dementia in patients. Gardening can also boost our body immunity systems and reduce chances of getting allergies. While in the garden, we are able to expose ourselves to allergens and other important bacteria that helps in strengthening our body systems. Mycobacterium vaccae for instance, is one of the many beneficial bacteria that we get as we eat vegetables and is known for reducing asthma and many other symptoms. Read here for more advantages of gardening on the treatment of other diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Finally, gardening activities are beneficial in increasing our Vitamin D in the body (due to exposure to sunlight), that is essential for bone development as well as the entire immune system. The Vitamin D is also essential is alleviating heart related risks. Therefore, you should consider spending some 10 or more minutes on your garden daily as it is a natural clinic for many ailments. Continue reading for more info about this benefits of gardening on the body health.