The Story Behind The Cannabis

it is said that cannabis plants have unique fiber. “The cannabis plant produces a fiber with unmatched quality,” he stressed. “Marijuana is a biomass plant that has very high productivity, is able to refill the soil, and is not greedy fertilizer. Every year we import tons of cannabis from China and Canada, but because of federal policy, we cannot grow it legally, “said Kane, a marijuana researcher at the University of Colorado campus laboratory. Medical cannabis has many benefits the quality of the goods you get if you buy medical cannabis Canada is great.

It is estimated, marijuana leaves have around 25,000 uses. Food, paint, fuel, raw materials for making clothes and many more, all can use the forbidden leaf. Some types of cars – even today have been made of marijuana in their manufacture.

One of the oldest remains of human industrial civilization, found in ancient Mesopotamia around the year 8000 BC is a piece of cloth made from the fiber of Marijuana leaves. So is the oldest paper in the world, found in China around 2000 BC also made with the same material? The days of Pharaoh, namely 2500 BC, marijuana is also used in the days of Pharaoh. In England in the 16th century, precisely during the reign of King Henry VIII, there was regulation in which the King would find farmers who failed to grow one-quarter of the acre of marijuana plants from every 60 acres of marijuana fields they had. That said, there was even one era where for 200 years people could pay their taxes to the state, “only” with the marijuana plant. In the United States, which was also around 1850, there were more than 8300 marijuana farms in the country.

A secret meeting was held by the conglomerates/elites. Marijuana plants are declared dangerous for them and a threat to their company’s billion dollar investment. To maintain the integrity of their dynasty, the marijuana plant must be thrown away. These people use the Mexican word “Mexican Marihuana” and continue to encourage American awareness. Like some other conspiracy theories, in this case, the media played a huge role in the journey.